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Pretty Peggy Benson

Here stayed near-by all of our city Slow Willie Stenson And you can however fain an effective plaid the brand new loon with quite Peggy Benson. They happen'd to your a beneficial summers' big date That slow Willie Stenson Because the he had been overseas a cocking away from existe Having rather Peggy Benson. 'My beloved, I fain would put thee off,' Claims Sluggish Willie Stenson 'But We anxiety I will harm the holyday outfit, My pretty Peggy Benson.' 'Then put myself off, and you can free me maybe not, Thou slow Willie Stenson. My holyday gown cost thee perhaps not an effective groat' States quite Peggy Benson. I am going to straight action home and you may get my cloak' States sluggish Willie Senson. Meantime emerged another type of and you will plaid new joke Which have very Peggy Benson. 'I need my personal cloak was on fire' Claims sluggish Willie Stenson 'E'er I'd missing my personal heart's appeal, From inside the pretty Peggy Benson.' "Upcoming become again certain a later date, Thou sluggish Willie Stenson I am going to browse off the curd and present thee the new whey,' States fairly Peggy Benson.

Text a lot more than regarding Encyclopedia out-of Comic Audio , London area, 1819. [Reprinted when you look at the Leslie Shepard’s The annals regarding Road Books , p. 160, 1973. Two solitary layer editions that have audio appeared in the newest 18th century.

Damon faintly askt after & I quickly reply’d Next time you ask me from inside the Conscience I’ll try’t Upon which the guy went regarding & already been close me don’t Just what Demon is the canine afraid of a whore

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The newest Holland Smock

While i ran ahead when planning on taking the atmosphere along with the latest week ofthe trees getting eco-friendly and you can gay Underneath an excellent myrtle tree a good comely Damsel I did get a hold of-- which have ah[- and her finish above their particular lower body their particular stockins is of greatest cotton and of a pleasant eco-friendly and you can tho' an identical her shin performed l[?-- really charming to be noticed I] endured surprised the latest vision to see my personal lovely maid thus vibrant wtal it did my spirit Happiness H]er Garters is from Ribbend Reddish and lie'd above their particular knee and also as she sit on her mossie sleep --] most charming to possess observe brand new] blustering gusts of wind blew up their unique fabrics and all her secrets performed disclose, they ahape[?] there We spy'd a rose I] was full loath so you can wake which maid regarding their particular sensitive bed I endured amaz'd during the vision yet still my personal flesh did creep I [at] duration said We reasonable housemaid comply and you may i'd like to off by the one ly, they aha[?] it will raise my personal delight --]h'd new Dial off their own clock and you may really Used to do it particularly however it need an effective hammer and you can a cock before one to it may struck next underneith their own Holland Smoke [sic] I] inside her Control fixt my personal penis, its aha[? therefore the hammer went nick nack Within the form off their particular time clock when you look at the track We wakened this fair housemaid and you will blushing like the flower when you look at the Summer such terms in my opinion she told you O! treacherous guy do Indianapolis, IN women like to cook what introduced your he[re also your tool has actually she[?]d my locks, w[-- you may have ruin'd myself We concern Reasonable maid told you I become perhaps not affraid to own I understand thy time clock goes right I'm a clock founder to my trading and We have lay your Dail best O then said she if the you'll go with me personally four hundred or so lb shall be you[roentgen payment, --- and so they one another agree'd