That she is so called shows that she had particular interest in Susanna

The new genealogists every consider this extreme you to Nicholas’ partner Clementia was integrated here as the, below normal activities, she’d never be stated. Whenever Susanna at certain after go out gotten over to a unique guardian, the new wife of this protector wasn’t mentioned.

This would indicate that Queen John spent a little while around and you will the possibility of a keen amorous liaison with Clementia is present

What follows let me reveal a concept cutting-edge from the certain eminent genealogists, but it is fair to state that this new results try hotly competitive!

Which principle causes a great and you can curious ‘twist’ regarding story out of Joanna, which could attract admirers out-of HBD!

On top, there would be absolutely nothing to recommend any commitment between the hostage, Susanna off Wales and you can Clementia, partner away from Nicholas de- Verdun. Yet not, the experience of certain genealogists that have overseas hostages, including youngsters, could have been which they were will place with family members, if any were readily available.

Bouncing toward 1236, discover an entrance on Tewkesbury annals and this applies to Joanna’s mommy once the “Queen Clemencie!” It reads simply:

Today, it is known that the mother off Joanna is actually called Clementia (Clemence?

In this situation the fresh monk are evidently indulging inside the medieval legalism. Before their death, Joanna is legitimised because of the Pope. On such basis as you to legitimisation, new Tewksbury monk evidently grabbed they upon themselves to elevate Joanna’s mommy into the standing from Queen, since if her mommy is King John’s spouse! It is a fact not, one Queen John and Clementia was indeed never married. Of the dealing with Joanna’s mommy given that “Queen” Clementia, the new monk which registered Joanna’s dying are showing his significant esteem having Joanna, but not attempting to alter the genuine facts.

As for the label from Clementia de Verdun, Paget shows that she try new child regarding Roger de- Dauntsey, off Wiltshire. You to definitely genealogist considers it extreme you to Clementia regarded out-of Wiltshire as they have realized that Queen John got a robust attachment in order to you to definitely condition, they being the family off his best partners, this new Longespee, ilies and you may Geoffrey Fitz Peter.

Genealogists discovered that term ‘Clementia’ is actually most unusual certainly English noblewomen in the months. In a single dining table regarding ladies’ names that has been amassed, there had been just several events of your term “Clementia” of a total of 1407 women in the brand new take to! The fact that someone titled Clementia was associated with Susanna is considered significant.

Therefore! The evidence is actually suggestive, yet not conclusive, one to in the 1228, Susanna, because the a hostage, got out over the new proper care of her maternal granny, now partner from Nicholas de Verdun!!

The fresh new Scottish genealogists of one’s MacDuffs’ keep you to Susanna ferch Llywelyn was born 1214 into the Gwynnedd, Wales and passed away c. 1259 from inside the Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. She married Malcolm MacDuff, Earl regarding Fife inside 1230 along with two children: Sir Colbran MacDuff, Earl away from Fife, created 1245, passed away 1270 and you may MacDuff MacDuff born 1247.

Needless to say, there are prevent arguments to so it conjecture! Queen John had of numerous mistresses and possibly as many as 7 illegitimate pupils. The caretaker out-of Joanna would-have-been born circa 1172 and you can marriageable circa 1184. Joanna by herself was given birth to circa 1191 (fourteen years old at the time of her marriage so you’re able to Llywelyn). Rohese, new known legitimate daughter regarding Nicholas de Verdun along with his partner Clementia was created circa 1210-1213. If the Clementia is actually the mother off Joanna, she’d are located in their own later 30’s, early 40’s whenever pregnancy to Rohese! Perhaps not impossible, particular say, however, improbable.