My Jesus, consider McKay, when he cleaned their hands and you can crumpled their sub wrapper

naming out-of bits, from the fabula rasa. gen, mckay and you may ford. Their lifestyle rested in the hands of someone that has got in order to rent Superstar Conflicts.

sheppard/mckay, roentgen, mckay pov. brief and you will humourous, mckay pov, presenting a good amount of most guyish actions on few days immediately after they earliest keeps sex.

this new hostage biggest 1 & dos, because of the frostfire. sheppard/mckay. an extended, slightly stupid and you may alternatively rolicking harlequin challenge fic. john pov, a lot of fun talk and cuteness.

the financing collection, from the gale. sheppard/mckay, pg. an initial absolutely nothing tale in regards to the porn-use models off atlantis–wonderful and you can hilarious. therefore includes porno headings.

daybreak (pt 1 & pt 2), because of the giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, r. it is mckay pov off groundhog date, with catchy narration, superb action tempo, and lots of funny talk, along with particular most valuable zelenka. and, it’s sweet, because of getting groundhog time, but that isn’t the brand new principal impact–it is mostly funny and extremely enjoyable.

courageous, mindless prefer, by giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, bien au. a preliminary, mckay-pov ghost facts-gothicky romance inspired from the harlequin challenge with most wonderful discussion.

Once the, from the frostfire

finding the terms and conditions, of the giddy geek, sheppard/mckay, pg. sheppard pov and you will ancient tech you to definitely accidentally produces a beneficial telepathic hook up among them–sweet but not soft, extremely funny, higher snark.

common, by giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, teyla pov, post-siege iii. pg. a short, nice, sleepy nothing reunion regarding manage room.

a standard morning, of the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 mainly based pwp futurefic au. basically, it invest monday morning that have sex. scorching, affectionate, graphic sex. this new mckay pov narration weakens personally once or twice, and it is a little to your soft side.

precipice, by the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, pg. shortish, quite white, a tip away from nice. and i also envision the newest talk was a great, whether or not there was a tiny suspension system away from disbelief involved. “Nope, looks pretty much sealed and you will Rodney? Stop lookin off, nowadays.” Rodney jerked his head right up once again. “Best. Good clear idea.

rumpled, from the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, centered, pg. an incredibly small bit of silliness in accordance with the seasons a few advertising photos along these lines you to. i will suggest it as, um. overall arrangement about this gown.

a keen untitled ficlet because of web sitesine gidin the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. an incredibly brief ficlet in which heads change rodney on the. john moves back, draping his arm along side right back couch and grins a much slower idle smile. “The issue is, Rodney, that your particular electromagnetics are off positioning.”

a special untitled ficlet by grrrl, sheppard/mckay, pg. very short, semi-created. adorable, mainly discussion, entry brand new “can you envisage they?” shot. John blinked. “Discover a beneficial Gay Kama Sutra?”

value-added, by the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, pre-atlantis (into the pilot), nc-17. this can be a bit scorching, however, i mainly include it given that i came across the newest site interesting. i believe i’m able to very look for that it fitted toward canon.

we are available by other roads region i and you will region ii by grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 first-time. it is important ‘s the initial suspension of disbelief, here, however, mckay’s reaction on the initial situation is superb. up coming i do believe their characterisation is weaker, but the story’s had specific nice and you may very hot to make right up for what fundamentally will get a form of cliched clipped plot.

Pretty good tip, since when I look-down, I can see how high upwards our company is, as well as how a lot of time a trip it might be, and–“

a bluish real think of heavens, because of the isilya. sheppard/mckay, bien au. a beneficial harlequin difficulty facts, medium size, that uses a keen australian outback romance patch, intelligent and you can swinging and you can absolutey best. i can not display how super connected i am to that tale. it is eg morale food or something, and loaded with each one of these charming exquisite bits.