Aerial Images (131 facts, from inside the Fort Well worth): Indian countries when you look at the Oklahoma recognized in review profile since appropriate for irrigation, california

Facts based on irrigation, 1885-1961, as well as decimal records, accounts, and project histories

Textual Suggestions (into the Denver): Program government data, 1949-66. Allowance appraisals in accordance with irrigation systems on tribal countries, 1956-69.Home lease and permit circumstances data, 1947-69. Various education and you may studies on the Crow Creek, Cheyenne River, Fort Totten, Lower Brule, Pierre, and you can Oak Ridge organizations, 1947-70. Communications per house businesses, 1965-70. Facts based on tribal countries, 1940-71. Coal and oil renting to own Blackfeet, Feet. Belknap, Crow, and you may Foot. Peck bookings, 1963-72. Home questionnaire files, 1961-69. Info relating to irrigation and you can reclamation strategies to your Indian countries, 1907-69. Ideas relating to irrigation and forestry applications, 1946-70. Illustrations and you may technical analysis regarding the Piece of cake River Irrigation Project, 1961-63. Oil, gasoline, and coal apartments, 1957-69. Oil and gas accommodations on Piece of cake River and you will Blackfeet reservations, 1951-64. Details relating to timber sales, 1944-60. Timber administration arrangements, 1945-70. Suggestions according to timber cutting and forestry software, 1958-69. Government offer pupil folders, 1958-71. Suggestions according to accounting and you can management, 1913-80. Program topic data, 1931-64. Allocation ledgers and data files, 1916-62. Annual story reports, 1959-61. Topic data of your own solicitor, 1913-54. Lawyer and you will specialist experience contracts, 1942-62. Details in accordance with range and you will disbursement schedules, 1950-65. Main quantitative records, 1936- 57. Ideas in regards to the framework methods, 1912-65. Property and you can tools questionnaire records, 1968. Deal data, 1958. A career guidance instance documents, account, and you can bookkeeping information, 1955-71. Home purchase and you can fingertips facts, in addition to facts per payment patents and you will conversion, 1962. Finance topic records, 1925-64. Info relating to the Flathead Service, 1906-66, for instance the Flathead Irrigation Project. Ideas according to forestry and you will assortment management, 1931- 60, plus forestry and variety administration topic files, grazing topic data, and grazing it permits. Private Indian currency (IIM) account ledgers, 1961-68. Passed down desire cards documents, 1959-61. Information of your own Residential property Operations Branch, 1919-70. Log discount files, 1917-52. Missouri River Basin Studies (MRBI) info, 1946- 66. Coal and oil book records, 1946-67. For each and every capita ideas, 1957- 67. Information relating to street construction, 1932-68. Surface maintenance topic data files, 1934-68. Tribal businesses topic files, 1941-59. Tribal lawyer deals, 1955-74. Welfare subject documents, 1939-62.Pupil government give case data files, 1957-71. College or university census reports and you can facts relating to tribal teens informative and entertainment software, 1965-69.

IIM upload and you will handle records, 1971

Textual Info (when you look at the La): Coal and oil apartments, 1951-76. Belongings rent case records, 1953-87. Screen Rock law enforcement cases, 1967 and you can 1969. Tuba assortment studies, 1934-67. Tuba committee conferences, 1965-79. Textual Info (within the Denver): Tribal and you may individual Indian currency ledgers, 1918-62. Correspondence per irrigation methods or other institution issues, 1932-60. Personal Nanjing women dating Indian money, Irrigation Department, and standard tribal bookkeeping info, 1956-63. Duplicates out of monitors, equilibrium and you can review documents and you can inactive individual accounts, 1946-68. Personal powers off lawyer, 1949-65. Signed house membership circumstances data files, 1965-67. Details relating to variety and you can livestock, 1949-61. Programs or any other facts linked to home tasks, 1948-55. Soil and you will dampness control reports, 1952-63. Facts per street design agreements, 1959-64. A career direction reports, 1952-63. Professional knowledge and you can moving ideas, 1958-64. Instructional assistance data files, 1956-69. Courses of your own Part out-of Knowledge, 1959-64.

Textual Ideas (within the Anchorage): Standard topic communication, 1933-63. Goal communication, ca. 1935-47, 1956-68. A career guidelines program administrative suggestions, 1957-71, and you may circumstances documents, 1957-69. Social works data files, 1952-63. Degree telecommunications, 1912-77, and you will program quantitative records, 1936-68. Adult degree records, 1956-60. BIA university hit, 1958-70. Private scholar educational offer, mortgage, and grant situation files, california. 1951-61. Home heirship case data files, 1948-64. Personal Indian money (IIM) circumstances files, 1946-76. Societal training administrative decimal files, 1935-68, and you can goal communications, 1964-69. Passions case data, california. 1931-63. Microfilm content from facts of Br sted endeavor based on governmental development of Indigenous organizations regarding Arctic slope area for Alaska, 1933-71 (5 moves). Finances and you will accounting details, 1916-74, along with IIM ledger sheet sets, 1942-74, and you may collection vouchers, 1961-74. Local shop facts, 1939-64, in addition to individual Indian account (IIA) general ledger handle, 1949-51; IIA paid off bills, 1941-49; and you can Indigenous store accounts, 1962-64. Real property profile, 1955-68. Tlingit-Haida tribal enrollments, also delivery, marriage, and you can demise records, 1890’s-1976 (majority 1890’s-1972). Town census goes, 1913, 1934- 66. Goodnews Bay Go out University pupil files, 1951-62, and you can college information, 1958-70, 1973-77. Records regarding Attach Edgecumbe Boarding College or university, 1941-83, including yearbooks, college census list cards, individual beginner situation files, directives, interaction, and you may account. Info out-of Wrangell Institute, comprising pupil folders, ca. 1932-75. General and you can allowance ledgers of Alaska Department of the Juneau, AK, work environment of your own Agency out-of Education, 1928-30. Records of your Seattle, WA, place of work of your own Agency from Degree, Alaska Section, including an appropriation ledger, 1917-24, and cashbook and you can ledgers of Hydaburg, AK, Trading Co., 1915-twenty five. A position recommendations instance documents of your own Ketchikan work environment, 1959-70, additionally the Kotzebue office, 1968-73.